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The Smart Heater Bar

This invention addresses the concern of what can happen if a humidifier tank or pads are allowed to completely dry out.

When the humidistat senses more moisture is needed, it turns on the small heating element in the humidifier that is designed to evaporate water from the tank. But if the tank is dry or the pads no longer draw water, there's no water to evaporate. In addition, because the humidity level is never increased the humidistat will keep this heater turned on 24 hours a day – which actually reduces humidity even more. If left in this state for a long time (during an extended vacation, for instance), the piano will dry out and go out of tune.

The Smart Heater Bracket makes this problem a thing of the past. First, it alerts the piano owner of any problem with the pads by turning on the red "Pad warning" light. Second, it shuts down the humidifier half of the system until the problem is fixed. Without water the humidifier can't increase the humidity level, but it will no longer further decrease humidity. Even in a worst-case scenario the system remains over 50% effective.

This means that the rule about keeping the system plugged in is simple: keep the system plugged in 365 days a year. Even if the owner is away for a long time, the system can remain plugged in without danger, and it will continue to function.

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