4 Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas

As more homes are being purchased during this booming market, you can expect to be invited to a lot of housewarming parties this year. Whether it’s for a new homeowner, or current owners looking for a change, your friends will appreciate these 4 practical housewarming gifts.

A Custom Return Address Stamp

Custom return address stamps are practical and affordable! Your friends will appreciate this gift idea when they’re sending out thank-you notes, bills, packages, and other mail. You can find numerous styles on Etsy!

House Plants

House plants are a great gift for homeowners. They offer a fresh look to any room and are scientifically proven to help provide clean air, boost your mood and reduce stress. When buying a house plant, make sure you are researching which plant is the best fit for your friend’s new home. Here are a list of 15 non-toxic houseplants that are safe for kids and pets.

A Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

Whether your friends are in a new community or not, a gift card to a local restaurant is a great gift. It encourages your friends to explore their new community or gives them an excuse to have a date night at their favorite restaurant. They’re also able to support a local business!

Wine and Cheese Basket

A wine and cheese basket is always a crowd favorite. If you don’t know what wine and cheese to pair, ask your local grocer or butcher. They can help you put together a basket of wine, cheese, meat, dried fruit, and crackers.

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