Preparing Your Home For A Winter Storm

Do you live somewhere where blizzards are a regular part of your winter life? Many homeowners struggle with having to get ready for a harsh season and harsh conditions hitting their homes. Let’s go through a checklist of what you can do to get your home ready for winter.

Stock Up

Now let’s not go toilet paper crazy as we saw in the early months of COVID-19, but it may be a good idea to get a few essential items before being trapped inside because of a blizzard. De-icing salt, shovels, flashlights, and batteries are all great items to pick up.  You’ll want flashlights and batteries, just in case the power goes out. The salt is a necessity for many homeowners since oftentimes driveways and walkways get very slick during winter, while the shovel will come in handy once the snow starts to build up and you have to dig your doorway or garage out. If you live in an apartment or rented property, the chances are your landlord has hired a service to salt and plow these areas, so you luck out!

Backup Power

As mentioned above, a big storm can wipe out power in your neighborhood easily. Flashlights, cell phones, or candles can help you get along without the lights but what about heat? It can become dangerous, and fast if you live in extremely cold climates and don’t have access to heat. To keep everyone in the home safe, it’s a good idea to buy a backup generator. The generator will kick in once your original source of power turns off and all electrical utilities will keep running.

Prevent Flooding

Large amounts of snow or freezing rain can cause flood damage to your home if not taken care of properly. The low temperatures can freeze the water in your pipes and make them burst. Large amounts of snow on the roof can also cause leaks or damage to the home due to the constant freezing and melting from fluctuating temperatures during the storm. Lastly, if large amounts of snow start to melt fully, it has the potential to flood basements. To prevent destruction like this, make sure to remove as much snow as possible from outside vents. Also, check your gutters from ice dams and remove them if necessary.

Movies and More

Now that we’ve gone over all the not-so-fun stuff when it comes to preventing damage to your home and staying safe, let’s go over what you can do while stuck inside! Even though blizzards don’t sound like fun, you and your roommates or family can take advantage of this time and watch some classic movies or play some games. If you hear of a storm coming in, run to your local discount store and dig through the old movie bin and pick out some favorites and some tasty snacks or grab a fun group game.

The most important thing to remember when preparing for a winter storm is safety first. Stock up on the right supplies, get some backup equipment and perform a check on your home’s exterior. Once you do all those things, go ahead and enjoy some time in your cozy home.

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